EV Charging

Increase the return on investment from your solar system by powering your car.

The Next Big Thing

With fuel prices skyrocketing across Australia, the demand for electric vehicles has grown substantially. If you're one of the early adopters, talk to us about installing your own EV Charging station or drop in and use ours for free!

Are They Worth It?

EV Chargers make sense to homeowners and businesses who already have rooftop solar installed. Harness the power of the sun and consume the energy yourself. You can also set it up so that on cloudy days, you can draw energy from the grid to ensure your car is ready for use.

How Much Will It Save Me?

Home EV chargers will save you money if you have rooftop solar power installed. With power being more affordable that fuel or gas, you will see a better return on your investment. Instead of exporting your power back to the grid (and getting basically nothing for it) you can power your car are reap the benefits yourself.

EV Charger

At Albany Solar we are committed to you receiving the best return on your investment. Come and see us today and talk about EV charger options that suits your needs.
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We have Delta, and Zappi EV Chargers. Come and check it out for yourself.


We installed our charging station. We know the future is electric.


Ask us how your EV Charger investment will be a win-win for your pocket.


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