A Heat Pump Hot Water System Is More Energy Efficient Than You Think

A Heat Pump Hot Water System Is More Energy Efficient Than You Think

Rooftop solar PV systems have become very popular over the last decade, with now 1 in 4 households having rooftop solar panels across Australia.

Savings from these systems have been well proven, however the price of solar energy buyback from the energy retailers has dropped considerably in most states. Meaning the unused solar energy you feed back during the day is now worth a lot less than it was before – or even nothing in some cases.

This is evident as more and more homeowners with rooftop solar panels look for ways to save their valuable solar energy in battery storage.

Use Your Unused Solar PV Energy To Produce Hot Water

Did you know that running a Heat Pump Hot Water system in the day using a timer, will ensure that potentially unused solar PV energy is consumed to produce hot water?

This is due to how efficiently the heat pump works, in particular, its low energy draw and how it heats and stores the hot water. This way the heat pump will ensure solar PV power will be stored in hot water for use later, just like a battery.

Different sizes available to suit all types of home. Government rebates are also available on heat pump hot water systems.

Ask us today about how you can store valuable unused solar PV energy in a heat pump hot water system.