Solawatt portable solar panel/folding 120W/160W/200W

Solawatt portable solar panel/folding 120W/160W/200W

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The Solawatt portable solar panel / folding solar panel kit is ideal for charging an optional 12 volt battery to provide power for camping, caravanning, boating and all recreation activities where power is not available.  It comes with an inbuilt regulator and 5m power cable with Anderson connectors.  The sturdy, adjustable legs allow you to tilt the module at the optimum angle, while the modules have corner protection and the moulded padded carry bag adds more protection to prevent damage as you move the module around. The 12 volt 20 amp regulator is already pre-wired and just requires you to select the type of battery, with sealed, gel and flooded options. There is 5 metres of cable with quick-disconnect provided by Anderson connectors, and heavy duty battery clamps.



  • Padded, moulded carry bag
  • Heavy duty carry handle, hinges and clasps
  • Sturdy adjustable legs
  • Weatherproof solar charge controller with LED indicator
  • Total cable length 5m heavy duty Anderson connectors between module-regulator & regulator-battery clamps
  • All cabled up ready to use
  • Extension cables available

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