Neil Howitt

Neil, alongside his partner Justine, is the owner of Albany Solar. He is also the electrical contractor (Howitt Electrical EC009265) with over 20 years electrical experience in the UK and Australia. His passion is renewable energy and providing his customer with the best stock on the market.

Outside of work, he likes to go exploring the Australian wilderness (and quite often gets lost too!).

Here is a picture of Neil

Here is a picture of Neil

Howard Rathbone

Meet The Team!
If you've dropped by our shop, you have more than likely met Howard.Hailing originally from Wales (don't hold that against him!), Howard is a qualified electrician. He has worked for Albany Solar for 5 1/2 years and is the main man for undertaking site surveys.
Outside of work, Howard enjoys socialising with friends, cycling and listening to music. 
So why not pop into the shop or give us a call to arrange a No Obligation Site Survey with Howard (offering him a cup of tea gets bonus points!)


I've attached a photo of Daniel that may work for the page for now but I do think we really need to take updated ones! Wording - Daniel has been a member of the Albany solar team since 2015. He is a fully qualified electrician and a Clean Energy Council accredited grid connect solar designer and installer.

Kaitlin Tompkins

Meet The Team!
Kaitlin is a third year electrical apprentice. Kaitlin attends solar installations and electrical jobs alongside our qualified electricians. She also spends some time in the office collecting data and important information from past, present and future installations.

Outside of work, Kaitlin likes to go horse riding, playing soccer and spending time with her gorgeous daughter Lillie and partner Jansen (She also bakes delicious cakes!).
Kaitlin is a hard worker and we highly respect her for her determination in what is known to be a mainly male heavy industry.

Andrew mUsGRAVE

Andrew has been a part of the Albany Solar team for quite some time, from conducting his apprenticeship to fully qualified electrician. He is also Clean Energy Council accredited to design and install grid connected solar systems.


Ingram White

Ingram White Plumbing PL6818 is one of the Great southerns most reputable gas and plumbing experts, servicing residential and commercial premises and specializing in the installation and maintenance of energy efficient water systems. Outside of work, Ingram enjoys fishing, surfing and diving.

Sam Clements

Sam is relatively new to the Albany Solar plumbing team. He is a fully qualified plumber and gas fitter. Enjoys Hunting and Four wheel driving outside of work.

office team

Justine cANNING

Justine, alongside her partner Neil, is the owner of Albany Solar. Justine liaises with customers and takes care of the accounts side of the business. 


Rachael has been with Albany Solar since 2013. She liaises with customers from the outset and works closely with team members to provide the best quote to suit you and your home. She also organises the social activities for the Albany Solar team! Outside of work, Rachael is a part of the Albany Light Opera and Theatre Company and is often seen treading the boards or helping backstage. She also enjoys spending quality time at the beach. (I've attached  a photo which might work for now) 


Claire works "behind the scenes" at Albany Solar, doing a range of jobs such as accounting, invoicing and speaking to customers over the phone. When Claire is not working at Albany Solar, she and her husband own and operate the Kalgan Queen scenic cruises. If you haven't been on the Kalgan Queen, we highly recommend! Outside of work, Claire enjoys long walks on the beach, gardening & looking after her gorgeous grandson.

Liam Murray

Liam works in the office at Albany Solar. He is the first point of contact for customers and organises paperwork for solar installations. Outside of work, he enjoys four wheel driving.  

GUARD Dog/ beloved Side kick


Max spends his days hanging out at the Albany Solar office. He loves company and can sometimes be found sneaking into the showroom to greet customers. His hobbies include, swimming in the dam and playing fetch with any piece of pipe or conduit he can find. No matter how big or small!