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Chester Pass Lunch Bar


Installation Specs

21.6 kW System
90 Q Cells (240W Q Pro)
6 x 3.3kW Delta Inverters

As you drive down Chester Pass Road you may notice the 90 Q Cells on the roof and the owners are certainly grateful that they are there. Everyone was concerned about increasing power prices. A decision was made to do something and the solar system takes care of a large slice of their energy requirements.

Now that the panels have paid for themselves they are putting money back in the hands of the owners and that helps the business stay ahead of the competition.

Chester Pass Lunch Bar's panels are specifically angled to the early morning sun, when the kitchen needs the energy most.


Denmark Bakery

Installation Specs

25.24 kW System
99 Q Cells (255W Q Pro)
2 x15kW Delta Inverters

Clete and Sean are a true inspiration in baking circles with a passion for sustainability. They approached Albany Solar where we were able to tailor a solution through energy data logging.

Albany Solar was able to comply with Western Power's stringent supply characteristic and renewable energy criteria to achieve the following solutions:

  • LED lighting
  • Energy Efficient Hot Water
  • Energy Efficient Cooling
  • Solar Energy



Len's Off Grid System

Len was so impressed by the results that his brother was getting from his solar system that he decided to embrace solar power on his farm. Len unfortunately experienced unusual edge-of-grid supply characteristics due to his geographic location. Albany Solar were able to liaise with the power supplier to reach a successful conclusion.

We at Albany Solar feel that it is this level of care and technical experience that sets us apart in the commercial market.

Installation Specs

30.6 kW System
120 Q Cells (255W Q Pro)
2 x 15 kW Delta Inverters


Handasyde Strawberry Farm

Installation Specs

30.5 kW System
130 Q Cells (240W Q Pro)
27.6kW ABB Inverter

Handasyde are a family-owned strawberry farm with delicious NASAA Certified berries.

Albany Solar discovered that a strawberry farm's energy needs are perfectly aligned with solar energy production. Solar and strawberries are a winning combination, and this is true from season to season. Strawberries are very energy intensive in summer when the sun is at its most useful.




Ivan's Stand Alone System

This system was designed to provide 5 kW/h of battery storage to a small office in a remote area with An auto start generator on standby.


5 kW AC Coupled System
20 ReneSola ( 250W )
5kW ABB Inverter
4.5kw 24V Selectronics SP Pro


Rick and Sandy's

Jack's Off grid System


Mira Mar Veterinary Hospital

Owners enlisted Albany Solar's help to take their surgery to a more energy-efficient future. By using energy efficient hot water and energy efficient lighting and a solar power system on the roof, Mira Mar vets were able to save a lot of money year in year out.

Installation Specs

10 kW System
40 Q Cells (250W Q Pro)
12.5 kW ABB Inverter


Mt Barker Country Bakery

Installation Specs

50 kW System
200 Q Cells (250W Q Pro)
1 x 30kW Delta Inverter
1 x 20kW Delta Inverter
2 x Midea 280l Heat Pumps

The Mount Barker Bakery installation is famous. Why? The results at the Mount Barker Bakery were so good that they were featured in a government publication on the commercial benefits of solar panels. The book extract says it all, really.


book author: John Dee

Our energy costs were getting out of control, we had to do something. It was a large investment for us to make but after comparing our electricity bills over a one year period we can now see the true effect and we are very happy.
— Michael Dunbrell - bakery owner

Paperbark Merchants

Installation Specs

10 kW System
40 Q Cells
1 x 10kW SMA Inverter

Paperbark Merchants are very happy with their install. At the moment you will have to either take our word for it or ask them directly. We do hope to have a video ready for you to watch shortly. Thank you for your patience.

The Surgery

Installation Specs

25 kW System
100 Q Cells Q.Pro 250Watt
1 x 30kW Inverter
Full Energy Audit

The Surgery

The surgery enlisted us to undertake an energy efficiency audit, which resulted in replacement of all lighting for LED's and grid connect solar. 


Boronia Garden Village

3kW Solar system with a 170L Midea Heat Pump and Water Softener.

Boronia Gardens Village (Near the Leisure Centre, Albany)


White residence

Ingram White talks about his hot water and solar installation.
A clever fire suppression system has been installed that will protect his home during a fire.

Installation Specs

5 kW Grid Connect System
5 kW Off-Grid System
Fire Suppression System
Apricus Evacuated Tube Hot Water


Solar powered electric gate openers now available in single and double swing gates 


In the words of our customers

There is nothing quite like hearing customers tell you what they think of what they bought.
These customers have a clear idea that the installation they had put in has met or exceeded expectations.